Who is IShowSpeed ?

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Ishowspeed , or Speed for intimates. Doesn’t that nickname mean anything to you? Yet, you’ve probably seen him frantically scrolling videos on social networks. His name has been in the news for several months. Speed or IShowSpeed with several strings to his bow. The young virtuoso is youtuber, musician, actor or streamer on Twitch, before he was banished. The rapid growth in the number of subscribers on its various channels makes it one of the most followed young creators in 2021. As he continues to make headlines, here is a close-up of one of the most famous streamers of the moment.

IShowSpeed Main Channel : IShowSpeed – YouTube

Live Speedy Channel : Live Speedy – YouTube

Speedy Boykins : Speedy Boykins – YouTube

Who is Ishowspeed ?

Real name Darren Watkins Jr., Speed is an American streamer born on January 21, 2005. It is better known to users by the nickname Ishowspeed or simply Speedy. In addition to being a musician, a reactor, Speed is a broadcaster of varied live content. He is also known for his eccentric and extravagant personality on his live streams of games and entertainment.

From his private life, we remember that he has a younger sister, a younger brother and he lives with his mother. As for his affairs, Darren had an affair with Ermony Renee (known as Dream). Other rumors claim another possible connection with TikTok star and singer Ava Barbie.

Darren first created his YouTube account on March 21, 2016. He made his first video release on December 21, 2017. Exactly one year later, the young streamer broadcasts its first live Stream about Fortnite. It should be noted that, at that time, he recorded only two viewers on average. However, as he made the video games (NBA 2k and Fortnite Battle Royale) live, his community grew daily. In 2020, it averaged 10 viewers in its live broadcasts and 150 new subscribers per week.

Ishowspeed is totally in the new generation, developing its audience away from traditional media. his goal? Make views, but rather on YouTube by making videos, gaining awareness and followers every day.

Is IshowSpeed a muslim :

Does really ishowspeed convert to islam :

rise in popularity :

In early 2021, Speed began to gain approximately 1,000 subscribers per week and 350 viewers in its live broadcasts. In April, he reached and surpassed 100,000 followers on his YouTube channel. From May to June of the same year, his fan base began publishing his clips and broadcasts on the TikTok platform. This is the decisive turning point in its rise in popularity on the net. Speedy crosses the 1 million subscriber mark in the same period. Today, it has 11.4 million followers on its YouTube channel. It also has a very active Twitter account.

The particularity of Darren is found much more in his way of doing his direct. If we find him sometimes roaring, he is also able to scream and twerker in front of his webcam for no reason. Since the beginning of its ascent, its live broadcasts have consisted of reacting to the account of subscribers having reached a certain number.

IShowSpeed With over 11 million subscribers, IShowSpeed is a true YouTube star.
In the midst of his ascent, Ishowspeed embarks on collaborations with several music producers to release in particular fast-paced rap songs. Most of the songs he produced are mostly instrumented with vocal samples from other well-known songs. Her most popular song is ‘Shake’ and garnered over 40 million views in the first three months after the release. Speed also has other tracks in its discography including ‘Bounce That’ ASS (2021), ‘God Is Good’ (2022) and ‘Ronaldo’’ (2022).

His Song “ ishowspeed Shake ”, which takes the instrumental from the song “Hit the road Jack”, totals nearly 150 million views.

His Song “IShowSpeed – Ronaldo [SEWEY] “ is now nearly 25 million views

IShowSpeed World Cup Song :

Speed on Twitch: Controversial and censored content :

As of September 7, 2022, Darren began participating in some of the most horrendous Internet challenges, including:

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge : where he puts his lips in a glass for 15 minutes;
The Cinnamon Challenge : where he eats a spoonful of brown cinnamon powder;
The One Chip Challenge : where he applies illegal hot sauce on a spicy French fry and eats it.
Speed also tried to get a nose ring. Due to frequent incidents in its live broadcasts, it is censored for a while. He will pause in streaming until his suspension is lifted.

It should be remembered that Ishowspeed also has a second channel called Live Speedy. Created on June 1, 2021, this channel is the channel through which it publishes highlights of its past broadcasts. He also owns a third channel called Speedy Boykins, which was created on 26 April of that year. He usually publishes on the latter unusual short films extracted from his videos and livestreams.

Arrest after a swating incident :

Speed was arrested by Cincinnati police on 8 August 2022 following a swating incident. According to many, he accepted the demands of his fans to make a joke by calling the police station for an intervention. It should be noted that swating is a malicious process that consists of making an anonymous call to alert police forces. The ultimate goal is to witness live police intervention in the person’s home. All the elements are therefore implemented to make believe in the need for urgent intervention in the individual presented as dangerous.

During his arrest, Speed asked a friend to secretly film him live. Millions of viewers were surprised to see the youtuber in handcuffs and surrounded by three Cincinnati police officers live. Viewers could hear IShowspeed saying to the officers, I didn’t know, brother. Oh my God, brother. I swear I did nothing.” The broadcast of the scene continued for a few minutes before the police realized it and forced them to stop.

Does I Show Speed play a role? Or is it really a bit crazy? People are wondering!
Remember that this is not the first time that the young streamer encounters trouble with law enforcement. On July 4, 2022, Speed made the reckless decision to set off fireworks on her bed. The room quickly filled with smoke and fireworks exploded on its floor. This incident earned him a visit from firefighters and his viewers were able to watch the live broadcast during the inspection of his room.

Ishowspeed at Sidemen’s annual charity football game :


ishowspeed charity match sidemen youtuber

The latest headline on the web is the participation of speed in the charity football match in The Valley. A moment of entertainment that took place on 24 September 2022 with the participation of several personalities of internet. Among the highlights of this match, the devastating tackle of IShowspeed from the outset on his opponent of the day KSI made the tour of the net. The most hilarious reaction is the celebration performed as a result of this action.

Several other actions of this charity match continue to make the news on several platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a very good Twitter thread about Speed’s performance during this football game.


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Some anecdotes about IShowspeed :

We end this short biography with some anecdotes about the American YouTuber.

According to several Speed fans, the reason for his energetic and sometimes hilarious behavior is that he is autistic. However, he was never diagnosed with such a pathology;
On each live broadcast where he plans to reach an increase in subscribers, his fan-base is disallowed collectively to annoy him and cause a reaction on his part.
IShowspeed seems to be a big fan of One Piece to the point of putting as profile the main character Monkey D. Luffy. He also did a rap song in 2021 called “One Piece”.
In summary, it must be said that IShowspeed is a rather atypical character and this is what constitutes the essence of his ascension on social networks.

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