Who is Dream ?

dream the youtuber

Dream (born 12 August 1999) is the pseudonym of an American videographer known mainly for his content around the Minecraft universe and speedrun, on several platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. He has long used the image of a white blob on a green background, or a smiling white mask.

Dream launched its YouTube channel on February 8, 20143. It released its first video on July 6, 2019. His channel has become popular thanks to several concepts, such as some videos where he has to finish the game Minecraft while being chased by one or more of his friends, who try to prevent it.


Type Of Content Video Games
Name Clay
Birth Date  (23 ans)
Nationality Drapeau des États-Unis American
Popular Videos Vidéos speedrun

Vidéos minecraft manhunt

Hello , Im Dream

Number of subscribers 30 millions (Main Channel)

41,8 millions (All Channels)

Other Activities Musique
Website DreamIsLive
Channels Dream
Dream Team
Dream Shorts
Dream Tech
Minecraft Manhunt
Dream Music
Second Channel DreamXD

the YouTuber who hid his face from 30 million subscribers :


This creator also has two Guiness World Records: it is the most followed Minecraft channel in the world and created the most watched Minecraft gameplay in the history of the platform.

In just over 5 minutes, one of the world’s most popular YouTube channels has definitely changed course. The YouTuber Dream released a video titled «hi, I’m Dream» and in this clip, he revealed his true face to the 30 million subscribers of his channel. Dream, or rather Clay, had a huge success with Minecraft videos, one of the most popular video games on the video sharing platform. Its channel opened in 2014 but the first traceable gameplay was released in late 2019 and the most popular video reached 115 million views.

Dream’s performances also entered the Guinness of records. In August 2022, he received this certification for breaking two records: the largest number of subscribers to a YouTube channel dedicated solely to Minecraft and the largest number of views for a Minecraft video.

In all of this, Dream never showed up on video and the few times he appeared, he did so wearing a mask with a smiling emoji. As the canal grew, the pressure increased. Many wanted to discover his identity: There are really many people who want to reveal my face. And now it’s become too»

“I took off my mask to move around the world”

Clay explained that he had also removed his mask to start making other types of videos. “I will continue to bring the usual videos, but I will bring new content to IRL. I want to go around the world.” IRL stands for In real life: in practice, these are vlogs removed from the gaming station.

This chain is living proof that anyone can do anything. There can be anyone behind the mask. I love you guys from the bottom of my heart.” Before closing the video in which he showed his face for the first time, Dream wanted to instill a last doubt in his fans: The case is settled. It’s me. Or maybe I’m an actor. I could be an actor.”

Dream is one of the biggest content creators on YouTube, so his face revelation was a big problem. The reaction to this has been somewhat mixed, however. While most would call it beautiful, others have made #HESUGLY a trend on Twitter. Now I know why he kept his identity a secret.

Dream must be one, if not the greatest creator of Minecraft content. With 30 million fans, it’s sometimes really weird on Twitter, his face reveal was one of the most anticipated revelations since Spider-Man. Not for readers, but certainly for Jay Jonah Jameson.

With all the hype around this guy, he has accumulated over 1.5 million views on his revealing face! And the reactions have been… Well, let’s say mixed, even though the majority agree he’s a very handsome guy. Many streamers were also watching his face reveal itself live and all agreed that the guy is rather handsome. And I mean I saw his face, too. It may not be my type, too little beard and all, but I certainly wouldn’t call it ugly.

Just after the revelation, however, the dark side of the Internet became evident.  People on the Internet are assholes who just want to tear someone down, feel better about themselves. And so people like that made #HESUGLY a trend on Twitter. Some even wrote scary essays about why they think Dream is ugly. No wonder the guy went to a lot of trouble to keep his identity secret for so long, like Batman.

Dream shares his feelings about the #HESUGLY trend on Twitter :

Clay recently gave an interview to Bloomberg, opening on the situation. And I must say that he takes this shit better than me!

I got texts from so many friends who were like, ‘Okay?’ I was like, well, yeah, when you have 30 million eyeballs on you, a million, two million people are gonna make jokes or be mean or not great people. When you take such a big pool, there will be a portion.

Maybe he’s just playing hardball not giving trolls what they want, because a million people who destroy your appearance have nothing to laugh at. This shit must make you at least a little embarrassed. Good for him if it’s true.  I recommend he count those eyeballs again, though, or does he have a lot of fans with eye covers? That would be hilarious, just a bunch of budding pirates watching Dream build stuff in Minecraft.

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