I was introduced to SOMA Breath during a meditation training as a technique to induce deeper states of calm and connection. I was immediately amazed by its effectiveness in facilitating the entry into a state of profound bliss, followed by a state of tranquility. It needed further exploration!

To me, this technique offers the practitioner an immediate and profound experience to unlock motivation and stimulate positivity. It can open the door to meditation and energetics for non-yogis, or provide the experienced practitioner with a more ‘Rock N Roll’ approach to breath. But above all, as it was designed to do, SOMA Breath can help you reconnect with things that hold true meaning for you, redirecting you on the path of what you truly desire, which you may have temporarily forgotten.

One thing is certain, SOMA Breath has helped thousands of people around the world to heal and transform, from the inside out.

In summary, SOMA Breath can :

  • Boost positivity , motivation, and self-confidence
  • Stimulate creativity and productivity
  • Increase oxygen efficiency and build better CO2 tolerance
  • Enhance memory, focus, and stress resistance
  • Provide consistent energy and improved mood
  • Aid in combating inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, trauma…
  • Assist you in envisioning and recalling important things in your life (your dream life)
  • Manifest and call forth your desires and intentions in your life.
  • Create a sense of expansion and calm, setting the stage for deep meditation.
  • AND it feels GOOD!!!

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