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Exercise 5: Lifting Your Legs

Very similar to the previous exercise, the number 5 will target the lower part of the back. This exercise strengthens the lumbar muscles and the muscles of the buttocks.

Always from the ventral position with the arms along the body and the legs are as tight as possible.

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How to do this exercise?

  1. lift a thigh from the mattress (feet and knees rise)
  2. Return to the starting position
  3. lift the other thigh from the mattress
  4. Return to the starting position

You can exhale when you exert (thigh rises) and inhale when your leg goes down. 

If the exercise seems simple, you can try to lift both legs at the same time. Be careful not to dig too deep into the lumbar when you do. And make sure to tuck in the belly.

Conclusion: strengthening the back muscles for seniors is important!

To reduce the risk of low back pain and to have a strong back, it is important to regularly perform some muscle building exercises. These are simple and quick to make. Moreover, they do not require any equipment and can be made at home.

Thanks to your workouts, your muscles will be stronger and you will have less risk of falling (better balance and walking quality).

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