5 easy exercises to Strengthen knee


What activity should you choose to relieve knee pain ?

Even with pain in the knee , it is possible to exercise. It simply has to be adapted to your health. Here are some moderate intensity activities that can help you strengthen your knees.

  • Nordic walking is a physical activity that can be done by everyone. All you have to do is grab some sticks and go hiking. The activity is excellent for the heart, joints, morale and of course the knees! Indeed, thanks to the sticks, you limit the weight carried by the joints.
  • Swimming is also an excellent activity for the knees. Why? Because in the water, our body is lighter. This is why rehabilitation often takes place in the swimming pool. In addition to swimming, you can do aquagym sessions.
  • cycling is a possible activity if the knees are still healthy. The main advantage of this physical activity is that it is self-ported. The weight of your body is not on your legs and therefore partially on your knees.
  • Stretching and Pilates are also to choose to work the knees and the rest of the body. The exercises are gentle and adapted to each person’s abilities. Moreover, these activities allow you to strengthen and gain flexibility.

Workout at Home: A Path to Better Health

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