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Who Are The Sidemen ?

who are the sidemen ? If you are under the age of 30, you probably know the Sidemen a group of seven United Kingdom YouTubers (KSI, Miniminter, Zerkaa, Behzinga, Vikkstar123, TBJZL, and W2S)  who are showing some quality content, even if you older you may be heard about them through your kids. Sidemen Clothing: is the official clothing …

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Who is Dream ?

Dream (born 12 August 1999) is the pseudonym of an American videographer known mainly for his content around the Minecraft universe and speedrun, on several platforms such as YouTube or Twitch. He has long used the image of a white blob on a green background, or a smiling white mask. Dream launched its YouTube channel …

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KSI VS Andrew Tate

Who is Andrew Tate :   Andrew Tate is an influential online personality and former professional boxer, with dual American and British citizenship. Tate began offering training sessions and paid personalities through his website after finishing his career as a boxing player, and later became famous as an Internet influencer, and was heavily criticized for …

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