5 Tips you can use for wrinkles


The main cause of wrinkles and saggy skin… not ageing !

For years, I’ve observed clients overcome with emotions, their eyes welling up with tears as they embarked on sharing their stories about how the condition of their skin has profoundly impacted their overall quality of life.

One individual, nearly 60 years of age, recounted her lifelong ritual of starting each day with a cup of coffee and a refreshing swim. Regrettably, she had recently forsaken this beloved routine due to her perception of not appearing as she once did in a swimsuit. It was heartrending to witness how her self-esteem had become entwined with the state of her skin, affecting even the activities she once cherished.

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Another patient unburdened her feelings to me, describing how her skin’s wrinkles made her feel confined within an aged body, one that didn’t reflect her true self. She shared the struggle of reconciling her vibrant spirit with the mirror’s portrayal, a poignant reminder of the deep emotional connection people have with their outward appearance.

Frequently, individuals seek my assistance for precisely these issues – often attributed to the presence of crepey skin. As a practitioner, I’m not only addressing physical concerns but also providing a safe space for people to express their insecurities, hopes, and aspirations regarding their self-image. It’s a testament to the intricate interplay between our emotions, experiences, and how we perceive ourselves.

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